About Us

Closing the Gap in Student Performance (CTG) is a community school collaboration in the Buffalo Public Schools that integrates health, human, and social services to enhance student learning. Our goal is to close the achievement gap by addressing the non-academic barriers that affect students and families and can hinder success.

Closing the Gap is partnering with the Buffalo Public Schools to support their efforts to:

  •  Increase academic performance
  •  Increase 8th grade completion
  •  Increase High School graduation
  •  Increase student attendance
  •  Increase family engagement
  •  Increase positive behavior (reduction of Office Disciplinary referrals and suspensions)

CTG coordinates the efforts of over 25 agencies and County Departments in supporting the needs of over 5,200 students.  A Site Facilitator works directly in each CTG school, linking students with the necessary resources to meet their basic needs.  Services provided include but are not limited to, clothing and food, tutoring and mentoring, mental health services, grief and loss counseling, parent programs and outreach, after school and out of school enrichment programs, and crisis intervention.  A list of current CTG schools can be found on the Site Facilitators & Schools page.

If you would like to get involved with CTG, donations in the form of clothes, particularly sweatshirts (no hoods), socks and underwear, jackets, khaki or blue pants, and polo shirts; toiletries, and other basic items are graciously accepted year-round at Catholic Charities, 741 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo NY.


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